Jeremy Reimer's "A History of the Amiga" Series


I've been reading Jeremy Reimer's series on the history of the Amiga, published on Ars Technica. I highly recommend it to anyone that owned an Amiga or was into computers during the Amiga, Mac, DOS/Windows days. It's the computer that should have taken over the world as its technology was five, or even ten, years more advanced than the competition – no joke. With all of that potential, many like me probably wondered how Commodore could have messed it up so badly. Jeremy goes into all of the details of the historical time-line.

Although I got my start on the Commodore 64, my Amiga 1000 (followed by the 3000) was the computer I used during my college years while I was majoring in Computer Science. I was probably the only one in my class using an Amiga too. Their loss!

We worked with a great passion… my most cherished memory is how much we cared about what we were doing. We had something to prove… a real love for it. We created our own sense of family out there.

-— RJ Mical [while engineering the Amiga 1000]