First Post


Every blog has to have one. This is just a marker for when I finally added blogging to my site.

My name is Kyle Sherman and this is my technically inclined blog that will primarily focus on computer science topics along with other things I care about.

I'm using Muse in Emacs to write and publish this entire site. I will be blogging about the specifics of how I do this and my setup in the future.

For some general information about this site and my contact information see my http://nullman.net/about/ page.


– Kyle Sherman

Linux is as much about being Communist, as is the phrase, "of the people, by the people, and for the people".


Pet Peeves List


Because I've always wanted one, I'm going to start a pet peeves list. This list will contain all of the situations and types of people in life that annoy me. The purpose of this list is mainly to fulfill my curiosity of wondering just how many things in life drive me crazy. Maybe others will find it entertaining to see how many pet peeves they have in common with me.

And here is the list: Pet Peeves

Humanity Explained:

  1. People are Lazy.
  2. Thinking is Work.


Ignore Whitespace with Subversion Diff


My team at work uses Subversion (SVN) for our version control system. I like Subversion a lot and would recommend it over Concurrent Versions System (CVS) or Source Safe.

I've noticed one annoyance with Subversion when using the svn diff command. By default it does not ignore whitespace changes nor is there an option for this. My group uses different editors with different settings and the whitespace in our source code seems to change with every update. Some of us use tabs, some use spaces (like me) and it seems like everyone has a different indexing scheme. This means that using Subverion's diff command shows most of the code has having been changed witch makes it all but useless. The solution was found with an easy google search which lead me to this site that had a solution.

Basically instead of using svn diff you use:

svn diff --diff-cmd diff -x -uw FILE

To have this work with Emacs' psvn Subversion interface add the following to your Emacs config:

(require 'psvn)
(setq svn-status-default-diff-arguments '("--diff-cmd" "diff" "-x" "-wbBu"))

Happy version control!

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